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DAX Business Development is lead generation and marketing funnel building service. Whether your business acts as a service provider or sells tangible products, we reduce the costs and remove the effort from your marketing and business development activities.

What are your lead generation needs?

At DAX BD we build digital platforms and funnels dedicated to generating qualified and motivated leads for specific services or businesses.

Our flexible approach allows us to create marketing funnels that are most suitable to each client’s brand, sales process and revenue objectives.

Sub-brand Lead Generation

This involves us building a new brand created to target a specific audience that you provide a product or service for. This is a great option for businesses that offer a wide range of products to varying audiences.

In-brand Lead Generation

We create marketing funnels using your existing brand and website. This option is best for companies that sell a specific product to a relatively consistent audience, and want their image to be consistent throughout the funnel.

Why Use a Marketing Funnel?

A DAX BD marketing funnel bespoke to the needs of your business allows you to turn on the lead “tap”. No need to redirect your marketing team’s efforts, no need to take risks on advertising with no reliable evidence of returns, no need to recruit more business development manpower.
Our funnels allow you to focus your efforts on your product or service, and on your internal inbound sales processes, while your outbound marketing and business development activities work on autopilot. Our funnel will bring you the leads, you just need to convert them.

Our Clients

We are proud to have worked across a diverse range of industries for businesses of all shapes and sizes. For some we have built entire lead generation funnels, for others we have optimised parts of their existing funnels according to their exact needs…

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Book a consultation

No two marketing funnels are the same. To ascertain your businesses needs we require a short consultation with you to understand your product and your lead generation expectations. We look forward to hearing from you!